Fort Smith Neutron Monitor

Fort Smith is noted for aurora borealis. This one occurred October 24, 1998. Photo by L Shulman.

Detector Type: 18-tube NM64
Latitude: 60.02 North
Longitude: 111.93 West
Elevation: 206 meters

Completing the Spaceship Earth network required opening a new neutron monitor station in the general vicinity of Fort Smith, North West Territories. An initial visit by Bartol personnel to investigate feasibility and logistics was made in October, 1998, and the detectors were installed two years later. First data from the Fort Smith neutron monitor were recorded October 4, 2000 at 01:25:50 UT.

Construction of Fort Smith neutron monitor was supported by U.S. National Science Foundation grant OPP-9724293, under the NSF Major Research Infrastructure program.