South Pole Neutron Monitor

The three detector tubes of the South Pole neutron monitor are on a platform in insulated, heated boxes. Data collection electronics is in "Skylab," the tall boxy building behind. Despite its small size, the South Pole neutron monitor is the world's most sensitive detector of relativistic solar cosmic rays, owing to its location at high latitude and high altitude (2820 meters or 9252 feet). In a real sense, it is closer to outer space than any other monitor on Earth. Photo by L Shulman, 1997.

Detector Type: 3-tube NM64
Latitude: 90.0 South
Longitude: --
Altitude: 2820 m


Leonard Shulman at the geographic South Pole. The sign marking the pole is relocated each year as the ice moves. The line of poles extending behind the sign shows locations in earlier years.